Medications at School

Lake Travis
Independent School District

Dear Parents,

Only medications that are necessary for a student’s medical care will be administered at school. Most medications, even those that need to given three times a day, can be given at home and need not be sent to school. There are some occasions where medications are required by a student and cannot be given adequately at home. In those situations, with written permission from a parent or guardian, school personnel can administer the medication.

The following are guidelines established by the school district for the administration of medication by school personnel.

A “Request for Administration of Medication” form must be completed for each medication to be administered.

Parents are to drop off and pick up medication at the nurse’s office. Students are NOT allowed to carry medication with them in school or on the bus.

Medications must be in the ORIGINAL container.

Please make arrangements so the medication can be left at the nurse’s office until the last day the medication is to be given. If the pharmacist is unable to prepare a separate container for home and school keep enough of the medication for home use and bring the rest to school in the ORIGINAL bottle.

If non-prescription medications are required longer than one week have your physician write an order to kept on file in the nurse’s office.

Students with asthma may carry their inhalers with written permission from their Doctor stating that the student may self-administer. Permission slips will be kept on file in the Nurses Office.

If you have any questions please call me at 533-6519. Thank you.